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A recognized leader in community development, religion, and education, Ocie Booker has championed and implemented strategies demarcating his successes.  Ocie offers a unique blend of executive acumen, team-building, and educational solutions development credited with operational, relational, and organizational improvement as the leader of First Jurisdiction-Illinois Church of God in Christ and CEO of Tabernacle Christian Academy.  Ocie has devised a responsive organization – administrative assistants, superintendents, women’s department, children’s ministry, youth ministry, and missions – that achieves consistent results improving the lives of people throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.  Ocie has established various initiatives designed to improve service delivery to the communities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin.


He decentralized his office to make service delivery more efficient and effective, mastering the art of delegation.  With a reputation for judicious use of resources, Ocie’s leadership decisions often result in cost efficiency, wise spending, exceptional fiscal management, and improvement in the accountability of fund usage.  During the past 15 years, as prelate of First Jurisdiction Illinois Church of God in Christ, Ocie established the organization as one of the premier contributors to the Church of God in Christ, including some of the national leaders to the highest positions.


The leadership of Ocie Booker has added new dimension to the role First Jurisdiction continues to play in the numerous communities.  With a global perspective, Ocie acknowledged the need to develop and create programs that will focus on the total man in educational and economic delivery systems.  Currently, more than 100 churches provide educational, youth, job training, economic development, financial literacy, and other services to more than 100,000 persons throughout metropolitan Chicago and surrounding areas. Implementation of these programs was realized through planning and organizational efforts of the various departments and auxiliaries.


To meet the needs of people, regardless of race, color, or creed, Ocie developed new initiatives and non-profit entities.  The Moriah Corporation addresses social, economic, and educational essentials of the community.  As the founder and senior pastor of Tabernacle of God Church of God in Christ, Ocie ensures the spiritual needs of people are met through teaching and preaching of the Word of God.  Ocie committed himself to the Lord and worked tirelessly to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people he touches.  He literally works to change lives one person at a time through a holistic approach.  This holistic approach affects men, women, and children, changing their lives for the better.


Ocie continues to build people on a daily basis as his educational facility provides quality instructional opportunities for children and youth.  With a focus on strategic educational solutions, Ocie founded the Tabernacle Christian Academy in 1976 to offer quality education from a panoramic aspect. He sensed the moral decline in the public school system more than 30 years ago and decided to challenge parents everywhere to allow TCA to educate their children.  Educating more than 16,000 children, more than 95% of those students have graduated and attended college.  His work in giving children proper educational, personal, and professional tools has produced stable, highly accomplished adults who are leaders in their professions.  In the 21st century, TCA is operating as an independent-co-educational, elementary and secondary school.  Ocie has taken TCA from its eight initial students to become the largest minority owned private school in the state of Illinois.


Prior to becoming the prelate of First Jurisdiction and pastor of the Tabernacle of God Church, Ocie served in the United States Army as a medical technician where he was responsible for caring for injured soldiers and civilians.  In 1969, Ocie co-founded the Logan Brethren Community Developers.  The LBCD sponsored a 72-unit housing development at 38th and Michigan in Chicago.  The unit currently provides better housing for families living in sub-standard conditions. Some of the highest political, religious, social services, and educational offices throughout the United States seek after his insight and wisdom.


Ocie’s professional services path includes medical technician in the United States Army, leadership roles in First Jurisdiction-Illinois as district superintendent, Sunday School Superintendent, Chairman of Public Relations, and Administrative Assistant to the late Bishop Louis Henry Ford.  He also served the International Church of God in Christ as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Sunday School Department as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Bishops.  Ocie has established a strong network of contacts in small and large religious, educational, political, and community organizations throughout the United States. The scope of his experience virtually extends beyond the normal call of duty.  He will continue to provide leadership in future endeavors that include the construction of new churches, entrepreneurial training, cybernetics development (e-businesses, marketing, public relations), and organizational management (legal, architectural, funding, and fiscal).


Ocie holds a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Theology from the International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida.


Today, Ocie resides with his wife, Jean, in South Holland, Illinois.  They have three sons and nine grandchildren.








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