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Advisory Board

Mother Eleanor Harrington —— Chairman
Mother Myrna Herndon
Mother Lucille Peel
Missionary Maggie Booker
Missionary Edith King
Missionary Sallie Fladger
Missionary Marie Carey
Missionar Anastasia Richardson


Examining Board

Mother Eleanor Harrington —— Chairman
Mother Jean Booker
Mother Edith King
Missionary Sallie Fladger
Missionary Vivan Vaughan







New Generation/ Retreat Committee / State Greeters

Missionary Gayle Reed, Chairperson
Missionary Melissa Peel
Sis. Angie Wilson
Sister. Selena Hughes
Sister Shantel Edwards
Missionary Gloria Payton, Oversight Committe, Chairman
Mother Myrna Herndon, Oversight, Advisor
Missionary Felicia Sanders, Oversight Committee
MIssionary Cheryl Giscombe, Oversight Committee


Woman of the Year Committee

Mother Lucille Peel …………… Chairman
Mother Eleanor Harrington – Advisor
Missionary Cheryl Giscombe
Missionary Maggie Booker
Missionary Renee Honoree
MIssionary Debbie Harris


Workshop Committee

Mother Myrna Herndon …………… Coordinator
Missionary Celestina Jordan
Missionary Etta Buchanan
Missionary Anastasia Richardson
Missionary Betty Brown, Hospitality
Missionary Valerie Walton
Missionary Carrie Motley







Executive Secretary – Missionary Georgia Brown

Financial Secretary – Missionary Cheryl Giscome

Examining Board – Mother Eleanor Harrington, Chairman

New Generation/Retreat/State Greeters – Missionary Gayle Reed

Home & Foreign Missions – Missionary Opheria Campbell Scott, Vice President

Mother’s Board – Vacant

Usher Board – Missionary Cleola Crawford, President

Evangelist Department – Vacant

Sunday School – Missionary Mirriam Faith Knox, Field Representative,
Missionary Annie McAtee,

Asst. Field Representative

Youth Department – Sis. Laurie Reed, Chairlady

Music Department – Sis. Tamela Reed, President

Public Relations – Sis. Carolyn Anderson

Adjutants – Missionary Frankie Redditt, Adjutant Sister

Education – Missionary Jane Crossley, Commissioner of Education

Institute Hour – Missionary Janice Carter, Dean
Dr. Maria Carey, Assistant Dean

Hospitality – Missionary Betty Brownn

Ways and Means – Missionary Maggie Booker

Minister’s Wives – Missionary Jean Booker, President







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